October 20, 2017

“In the fall of 2008, we moved to Gainesville, VA from Falls Church, VA. The home we moved into was built about 2002 and we knew that with winter coming we needed to get our heating/cooling systems checked. To find a reliable contractor we turned to Washington Checkbook. We always look for at least one check mark relating to either ‘service’ or ‘price’. Advanced Air and Heating in Nokesville had one check for ‘service ‘ with a fair number of respondents. We called them to see if we liked the service they provided. George Dennis, owner, was our introduction into 9 years of perfect service. Prompt, clean, efficient and helpful. We had over the years the line from our humidifier begin leaking. George, after checking what the replacement cost would be, stopped at Lowe’s and purchase a rubber tube the same size and installed it. Works perfect. Several years ago our air-conditioning unit went out. It is located in attic and difficult to get to just to service. George and Kyle replace the unit and we’ve had no problems since. We see Kyle almost exclusively now on our twice a year checks. Kyle offers the same service as his dad. We don’t know when our old furnace will give out but what we do know is that Advanced Air will replace it. If you are needing service on a heating / air units, call Jackie at Advanced Air and Heating for an appointment. This is a family run/owned business. You won’t be disappointed.” – Joe Long, Gainesville, VA